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chatbots for ecommerce customer support and live chat

How To Use Chatbots To Automate Your Ecommerce Store’s Support

Chatbots can be a real extension of your customer support’s team. Most businesses are just starting to dip their feet into the water, but the early results are promising. Although they can’t replace your customer support team (and we don’t … Continue Reading

user experience in your business messenger chatbot

How To Offer The Best User Experience (UX) In Messenger For Your Business

Messaging apps are increasingly having more users than social networking sites, with Messenger leading the pack. With this new trend, Facebook is expanding Messenger’s ecosystem, including chatbots, which help businesses automate their support and sales, or market to a new … Continue Reading

4 ways chatbot messenger can help your business

4 Ways A Chatbot Works For Your Business While You Sleep

Chatbots are increasing in popularity and gain more and more support from the platforms they work on, such as Facebook’s Messenger. The ways they are used by businesses and the various functionalities they can perform while interacting with users are … Continue Reading

traffic to messenger chatbot with facebook ads

How To Run Ads To Your Messenger Chatbot And Make The Most Out Of It

Facebook is betting heavily on Messenger and its chatbot ecosystem and this shows in the growing numbers, year over year from 2015, when messaging app users surpassed for the first time the social networking sites’ users by 25%. That’s why we … Continue Reading

What is a messenger chatbot

What Is A Chatbot And Why Messenger Is The Place To Focus On

Chatbots are on the rise, from funny hobby chatbots to chatbots helping businesses optimize their operations and market their products. In this article we will focus on the latter. The upcoming Conversational Commerce fits perfectly chatbots and vice versa; meaning … Continue Reading