Flashchat Joins WordPress Marketplace

Flashchat Joins WordPress Marketplace

Open source WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform, as it is now powering more than 28% of the web. WordPress Marketplace is a list of more than 56,000 active plugins, that help WordPress users build meaningful experiences online. … Continue Reading

the evolution of chatbots and what it means for ecommerce stores

What The Evolution Of Chatbots Means For Ecommerce Stores

Most people didn’t expect the appearance and popularity of chatbots that we have today. It all started when Facebook split off Messenger as a messaging app in 2011. In 4 short years it gained 600 million users. Now this number … Continue Reading

bfcm-black-friday-cyber-monday (1)

Why And How To Use A BFCM Pre-Launch Page To Get More Sales

The BFCM madness is about to begin. With Shopify reporting that merchants saw over $1.5 billion in sales during the period in 2018, it’s only obvious. But while some stores saw their traffic hit a peak and generated more sales … Continue Reading

shopify thank you page

How To Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page To Get More Sales

The ‘thank you’ page plays a big part in the checkout process. But while most marketers consider it as the end of the sales funnel, a Shopify thank you page actually presents you with an opportunity to get more value … Continue Reading

Inside Thomas Earnshaw’s mind

Read how the classic watchmaker brand Thomas Earnshaw uses modern tools to combine reviews with customer conversations and increases sales by 10%.     Thomas Earnshaw was an English watchmaker who simplified the process of marine chronometer production, making them … Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Email Popup Strategy To Get More Conversions

An email popup has been one of the most effective conversion optimization strategies for online stores. But with the increasing number of brands going online and using the same tactic to convert shoppers into subscribers or customers, the tactic no … Continue Reading

How insane Toy Shop Generated $17,800 in extra sales – Selling collectable Figurines

Unique problems call for unique solutions If you are someone who spends any time on the internet, or at the local book store, you must be trying really hard to ignore the phenomenon that has taken the pop-culture world by … Continue Reading

3 Steps to Success on Autopilot – The Gunas New York success story

Success Story: Gunas New York! Established in 2009, with a commitment to sustainable Fashion, the award-winning brand “Gunas New York”, is no stranger to success stories. Industrial designer, fashion activist and pet lover Sugandh Agrawal, founded the company a decade … Continue Reading

5 Strategies to Grow your eCommerce Sales

5 Strategies to Grow your eCommerce Sales

The eCommerce industry is growing faster than ever. So if you thought just having an online store with great products and discounts is enough to get sales, you’re wrong. And no, running ads isn’t enough either. Here’s what you really … Continue Reading

Yotpo & Flashchat Integration

New Integration Announcement: Yotpo

We are delighted to announce our new integration with Yotpo. Now, you can easily: Build list of Users eligible to receive Messenger Campaigns (sent to Facebook inbox – 10x better than email), Recover lost sales Automating Messenger Abandoned Cart Campaigns … Continue Reading

Privy & Flashchat Integration

New Integration Announcement: Privy

We are glad to announce our new integration with Privy. What is Privy, what is the integration all about, and how you can get the most out of it? You’ll find it all here. Keep reading. Contents Chapter 1: What … Continue Reading

Le-soin my aroma generated an extra $150 per 1,000 visitors!

Le-soin my aroma with 34k visitors per month, generated an extra $4,275 of sales within 2 months for a total ROI of 12. Their Story: Le-soin my aroma, was established back in November of 2003 and deals exclusively with the … Continue Reading