3 Steps to Success on Autopilot – The Gunas New York success story

Success Story: Gunas New York!

Established in 2009, with a commitment to sustainable Fashion,
the award-winning brand “Gunas New York”,
is no stranger to success stories.

Industrial designer, fashion activist and pet lover Sugandh Agrawal,
founded the company a decade ago with the intention to “get everything right”

Making vegan, ethical and affordable stylish products
that people actually like.

In search for the perfect recipe, Gunas moved production
from NYC to China,
then to building a studio and training artisans in India.

And the search was successful.

A short 10 years later, Gunas New York is a growing global brand,
featured many times in top-shelf fashion magazines
and recognized globally for their commitment to sustainable causes.

As an exclusively online retailer,
Gunas New York sustains a strong online presence,
with their e-shop serving tens of thousands of loyal customers from all around the world.

3 Steps to Success, on Autopilot

As a growing brand serving customers online,
generating more sales from their e-shop is vital for the success of Gunas New York.

In early 2019 Gunas was already utilizing email newsletters
and visitor retargeting with Google and Facebook Ads to increase online sales,
but with thousands of monthly visitors
and several hundreds of abandoned carts per month,
there was plenty of room for improvement.

“we never knew how many extra sales we could generate until installed Flashchat”


In early March, Gunas New York installed Flashchat
to increase their sales and conversion rate on autopilot, following three simple steps.

Step 1 – Generate extra sales – from the first minute

Gunas New York installed Flashchat’s
Abandoned Cart recovery mechanism, on their checkout page.

By offering a small incentive to potential shoppers,
and by sending automated personal Facebook messages to
abandoners prompting them to complete their order,

Gunas managed to recover more than 15% of their abandoned carts.
Their first recovered sale came within hours from installing the app
and their first $1.000 in extra sales in under a month.`


Step 2 – Half the work, double the benefits

Gunas New York utilized Flashchat’s “Add to Cart Pop-Up”
subscribing frequent shoppers to their messenger list.

As a result, the brand converted its website traffic
into active messenger subscribers on autopilot, and without interrupting the user experience.

With their Messenger List built,
Gunas can now use Flashchat’s “Mass Conversational Campaigns”
and “Instant Campaigns” to notify users with personal Facebook
messages of new products, promotions and flash sales.

In this way, the brand can interact with their audience where they most expect it,
in their messaging platform of choice.


Messenger campaign opens dwarf the industry’s email average
of 15% and 2% for the open and click-through rate, respectively
with an impressive 85% opens and 25% for the CTR average.


Step 3 – Keep them loyal, keep them returning (on autopilot)


With their messenger list built and site conversion increased,
Gunas used Flashchat’s Receipt and Shipping Messenger Alerts,
to notify users for the fulfillment of their purchase and the status of their orders.

Letting customers know when they can expect their order
helped build trust between the company and the customers,
while at the same time drove repeated purchases.

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