How Apparel & Sportswear retailer Toll Wear increased online sales by 40%!

The online clothing & shoe retailer, Toll Wear with 44k visitors per month, generated an extra $13,620 of sales
within just 2 months!

In total Flashchat accounted for a 40% increase in online sales, by automatically recovering more Abandoned Carts through Facebook Messenger.

In their own words:

“We never realized how much lost revenue we could recover until we installed Flashchat.”

Their Story:

Toll wear spot is a clothing and shoe stores focused on men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories.

Since 2006 with their online store, they are determined to offer the best shopping experience for apparel lovers all over the world, by offering a vast variety of hand-selected accessories in collaboration with the biggest brands from the World market.



The Problem & Solution:

Clothing and related accessories are the biggest part of online shopping.

However, with so much going on, it’s easy for customers to miss out on great deals and for businesses to lose a tone of revenue on abandoned carts and uncompleted checkouts.

“We knew that Abandoned Carts were one of our biggest pain points and a huge hit for our revenue. We never realized how much of that lost revenue we could recover until we installed Flashchat.

A simple onboarding process, followed by a 5-minute setup, was all it took for us to recover $13,620 from abandoned carts and incomplete checkouts in under two months, with a minuscule cost compared to the value it generated for us”






Success Story in Numbers

Number of Months Using Flashchat: #2

Number of Automated Messenger Conversations: #431

Extra Sales Generated: $13,620

Sales Increase: 40%

ROI: 98x



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