Case Study: how “Smartfit”, the upcoming e-retailer, uses Flashchat to increase Messenger sales

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Smartfit is one of our early customers who use Flashchat in a very efficient way. They are an ecommerce store that creates and sells novel covers and cases for smartphones.

Their products are very unique and their digital strategy is top notch. So, we asked them if they would be willing to share with us some of their metrics, tips and what they do to increase their sales through Messenger with Flashchat and they happily agreed!

Let’s see their case study in more detail below.

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How Flashchat Increases Sales

Smartfit is a business with 21.7K likes on Facebook and an active and growing Instagram presence of 8.7K followers. They have always been selling through Facebook (among other channels), but they wanted to increase their sales and make their support through Facebook more efficient.

That’s when they started looking into the new technology of chatbots. They soon installed Flashchat and it has helped them increase their direct sales through Messenger by roughly 45%-50%!

Of course, as their audience grows and they invest more in Facebook advertising this number is bound to grow as well.

Smartfit is currently getting about 30 sales per month through Messenger with an average order value of 18.49 Euros.

Practically, they are getting 10-15 extra sales per month with Flashchat, which amounts to 15 * 18.49 = 277.35 Euros. If we divide this by their monthly plan (99 euros / month) we can see they are getting about 180% ROI!

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All of this is on top of having Flashchat automate their customer support through Messenger, which can also help increase indirect sales, by providing instant replies 24/7 and escalating questions that can’t be handled by our chatbot to their customer support reps.

Not to mention that the above numbers don’t include the sales from sending Messenger Newsletter to your Messenger audience with targeted offers or sales that happen on their site, after they have been handled by Flashchat’s chatbot. The above numbers are strictly based on what’s happening inside Messenger!

Taking It A Step Further With Extra Sales With Our Add-ons

Coupling those with page’s comments which can send a message to everyone who comments on your posts, plus the new Messenger cart which completes orders inside Messenger and sends them to your ecommerce platform, total and final sales are much higher.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up and try Flashchat for free for 14 days!

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John Portalios, Smartfit owner
Αmazing tool, a necessity for every e-commerce with a facebook page!


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