How to Drive 10x Return from Facebook Messenger

When leveraged properly, Facebook Messenger can bring exponential returns for your company, regardless of your size or industry. Let’s explore how an established global online retailer, Brands 4 All, drove the following 10x ROI from Messenger (and more) in just one month.

1. Educate your audience on new ways to reach you.

Why: When it comes to engaging and opening up communication channels for your customers, your audience only knows the channels that they are familiar with. This means that a big portion of your audience likely doesn’t know that Messenger is an effective way to reach you with any questions or inquiries they may have. Messenger is being used by your consumers, and it is up to you to let them know that you are available and reachable on Messenger.

How: To educate their audience, Brands4All shared posts to their page with promotions and calls-to-action to encourage their customers to say hi on Messenger. Once on Messenger, the consumer was greeted with a warm and personal reply, all automated through Flashchat. These efforts resulted in a 20% increase in Messenger users in just one month.

2. Add a personalized touch to every comment left on your page.

Why: When a follower leaves a comment on a post or photo you have shared, it is a valuable moment for your brand because it signals interest. More than just a passive like or reaction, a comment shows that your follower is interested enough in your brand to share an opinion or ask a question. Not responding to these messages means leaving a big opportunity on the table: the opportunity to engage personally with a follower to build brand loyalty and potentially guide them through to conversion.

How: Go one step further than just replying to a comment, by sending them a private message following their comment. Brands4All used Flashchat to automate private replies through Messenger to each comment left. What’s more, messages were personalized according to words identified in the comments, which resulted in a more relevant personalized touchpoint and 8027 total interactions through Messenger in just one month.

3. Use private messages to convert followers who are considering your product.

Why: When a fan follows your page, they are interested in your brand message and products. Then, when they return to visit your page, it is a strong indicator that they are further down the purchase funnel and trying to collect research before they buy. These moments are your prime opportunity as a retailer, to share more information and help them answer any questions that will dictate their purchase interest.

How: Create lists of passionate fans, and segment by their interest in specific products, as signaled by their interactions with Flashchat in the past. Then, send them specific promotions and newsletter blasts through Messenger that keeps them in the loop on any special deals that are related to the items they are most interested in. To create tailored messenger newsletters and product reminders, Brands4all used Flashchat to automate the entire process, resulting in a 95% increase in orders from Messenger.

Launch Messenger Commerce for Your Business

Companies of all sizes are already using messenger commerce to power their consumer experience. Brands using messenger commerce are not only able to provide a 100% response rate, but also automate personalized care and response for customers. With messenger commerce apps, you can create and tailor very specific customer journeys, to aid them in their search for answers about your products and company. And for even more e-commerce best practices, check out 4 Best Practices for SMB Ecommerce.

Interested in trying out messenger commerce for yourself? Getting started is easy and free. Here at Flashchat, we enable the world’s leading companies to power their brands with messenger commerce. Sign up for a free trial of Flashchat, and watch your engagement skyrocket. Not ready to dive in quite yet? No worries. Stay up-to-date with all things related to e-commerce and messenger commerce by subscribing to our blog.

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