Flashchat Joins Magento Marketplace

Flashchat Joins Magento Marketplace

We are happy to announce that Flashchat joins Magento Marketplace, the official Magento extension store built to provide solutions to online retailers.

Now, you may be wondering:

Why is this important?

Glad you asked!

Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

What is the Magento Marketplace?

First of all, let us explain what is the Magento Marketplace.

According to Magento:

“Magento extension store, is the global eCommerce resource for applications and services that expand Magento solutions with powerful new features and functionality. Now global retailers can do even more with their digital stores.”

If you run your online store on Magento, then you’ve probably spent hours browsing in Magento’s marketplace, trying to find the next “hot” extension that will help your store grow.

As displayed above, Magento Marketplace gives you the chance to browse extensions by “Featured Categories”, which are basically the main aspects of your store’s operations.

Featured Categories

By choosing one of these categories, you can discover amazing extensions that are designed to help your online business grow in a sustainable way.

In addition, you can discover popular categories, based on user reviews, total usage and user feedback.

Most Popular (Magento Marketplace)

Keep in mind that joining Magento Marketplace is not an easy process.

Mainly, because the process looks like that:

Extension Quality Program (Magento Marketplace)

Thus, an extension that is accepted to the Marketplaces is more likely to be a high-quality extension that will add value to your online store.  

Discover Flashchat’s Extension on the Marketplace

In order for you to discover Flashchat’s extension, you just need to visit the following link and conduct a simple search either by using our brand name or by typing search terms like “Facebook Messenger”, “Messenger” or even “Chatbot” and our extension will pop up in the search results.

By visiting our extension profile, you can get useful information about our services, the main features of the service and even information about GDPR.

Make sure to take a look and feel free to send a message here, in case you need more information!

Install Flashchat

In order to install Flashchat on your Magento store, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit our extension profile
  2. Choose the version of your Magento store
  3. Click install and proceed to checkout

The onboarding process takes less than 3 minutes and requires no coding or technical know-how.

Our customer success team is always ready to help you in case you find any trouble.

Good luck!

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