The Future of Ecommerce: Messenger Commerce

From direct mail to social media marketing, from from in-store sales to online reach … the world of commerce is being shaped and changed by digital, year-over-year. And with global retail ecommerce sales estimated to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 (almost a 300% increase in total online revenue!) according to a new Shopify study, it is clear that ecommerce is not slowing down anytime soon. Which brings us to the question: How are ecommerce stores keeping up with digital trends to engage with their customers?

In order for e-shop owners, ecommerce managers, and marketers to ensure ecommerce success for their business, it is vital to stay on top of all the new and emerging channels to generate awareness and capture consumer attention. And the newest channel to enter the game is messenger commerce. Read on for a closer look at some of the tried-and-true ecommerce practices, and how it has led to the rise of messenger commerce.

Cutting Through the Ecommerce Noise

Millennials, the generation with the highest purchasing power today (ringing in at over $200 billion in buying power), are quite well versed when it comes to the ecommerce tactics used to catch their attention and money. As the market becomes more and more diluted with ways to reach consumers, it is imperative that your brand finds a way to communicate with your audience that is not only efficient, but also authentic.

First, came the internet and companies beginning to set up their online presence. Then, came the beginning of social media and brands starting to understand the importance of being able to communicate with their consumers at scale through Facebook posts and tweets. And in the past few years, we saw the rise of visual commerce, as visual social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest helped consumers visually communicate their thoughts, aspirations, and even purchase intent. As the digital consumer becomes more and more savvy around curating the types of content and ads that they want to see in their feeds and inboxes, there is a new way of reaching them and connecting with them on a personal level to share the content that they are looking for. Enter messenger commerce.

The Rise of Messenger Commerce  

Messenger commerce is a relative newcomer to the ecommerce space, making its debut only a couple years ago. As the industry is still being defined (by providers like Facebook and Flashchat), so is the term. At its core, messenger commerce is delivering commerce experiences through Facebook messenger. Going a step further, messenger commerce is a critical way for businesses to be able to scale their personalized interactions with consumers.

Messenger commerce works in two key ways. First, to help you create a seamless and responsive brand experience for your customers across your Facebook page and your website. Second, to create an automated system for engaging the customers who have indicated interest on your Facebook page (through likes and comments) by serving them with personalized promotions and deals straight through Messenger.

Power Your Business with Messenger Commerce

Brands using messenger commerce are not only able to provide a 100% response rate, but also automate personalized care and response for customers. With messenger commerce apps, you can create and tailor very specific customer journeys, to aid them in their search for answers about your products and company. Companies of all sizes are already using messenger commerce to power their consumer experience. To start putting it to use for your business, check out these 3 Ways to Drive Sales & ROI with Messenger Commerce.

Interested in trying out messenger commerce for yourself? Getting started is easy and free. Here at Flashchat, we enable the world’s leading companies to power their brands with messenger commerce. Sign up for a free trial of Flashchat, and watch your engagement skyrocket. Not ready to dive in quite yet? No worries. Stay up-to-date with all things related to ecommerce and messenger commerce by subscribing to our blog.

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