How To Set Up Facebook Ads For Messenger To Your Chatbot To Ordering

How To Set Up Facebook Ads For Messenger To Your Chatbot To Ordering

You have set up your Flashchat Messenger chatbot, imported your ecommerce store’s products and now you want to increase the audience who interacts with your chatbot and subscribes to your Messenger Newsletter, right?

There is a very good way to do that through Facebook ads that no-one has expanded upon it yet. It can get a bit technical, but we will keep it as short and easy as possible, with images and step by step instructions so you can easily implement it.

We won’t go over Facebook ads basics in this article. If you want to get a grasp of the basics you can check out AdEspresso’s guide here.

Let’s get started.

Decide On Your Goal

First of all, you will want to decide on your ad campaign’s goal. Here are some goal questions you can go through:

  • Do you want to drive product sales through your chatbot?
  • Do you want to increase your Messenger audience, so you can send Messenger Newsletters to more people and drive sales down the road through this medium?

Or anything else that might be relevant to your business.

Once you decide that, you should select accordingly the objective in the campaign level as noted in the image below:

FB ad campaign objective

The most suitable ones for this kind of advertising would be:

  • Traffic
  • Messages
  • Conversions

Once you select one of the above, assuming you have Facebook’s pixel code on your site, you can move on to the ad set.

Setting Up Your Targeting & Placement (Ad Set Level)

Now it’s time to set up the targeting of your ads and how you will measure conversions. If you chose “Conversions” in the previous step as the campaign’s objective, Facebook will optimize for your audience to take whichever action you choose from the image below:

facebook ads messenger ad set view content

If you are using Flashchat, you should choose Messenger as the location of the conversion and depending on your set up, you can choose from either some pre-defined conversions or set up some custom ones (as a technical note some are called “Conversion” and some “Event” in Facebook’s ad platform).

At this level you can also choose the placement of your ad (where you want it to appear). We can’t advise on this, since it depends on what you have done so far on your ad account. A good rule of thumb though would be Facebook Feeds and Messenger ads (Home or Sponsored Messages).

So far, these have been a little bit standard FB advertising tips. From here on we are going into the technical Facebook feature that hasn’t been covered before.

Creating The Ad With Quick Replies And Bot Payload

Now is the interesting part. When you set up your ad, besides the creative and the messaging, you can also set what your chatbot will reply when someone clicks the ad and which category from your chatbot’s menu will show (i.e. products, cart, your store’s F.A.Q., etc).

To do that, we will have to set up the bot payload (which you can see below), which we will discuss in the next paragraphs.

bot payload facebook messenger ads


Once you set up the ad your target audience will see, you then have to set up what the chatbot will say after they click on these ads and the chat window with your Fanpage opens. Here is where they will be greeted by your chatbot with the message you set up above:

bot payload test chatbot

After they see your chatbot’s message they can click a pre-defined answer (by you) to move forward and take them to the appropriate category from your chatbot.

In our example, we are using the “Ordering” feature where users can order products through Messenger, so the pre-defined answer would be “I want to order a product” and once it’s clicked it will take them to the chatbot’s ordering stage.

In order to set up what you want the chatbot to show after the pre-defined answer is clicked, you have to do that in the bot payload. In essence, it’s a trigger which will tell your chatbot platform “When this is clicked, show up X category”.

This is custom for each chatbot platform. If you want a list with our own bot payloads to see what you can do with them, simply email us.


This is how you can set up your chatbot to show specific messages for each of your ads, so they can be more personalized. On top of that, it’s easier to get Messenger subscribers, because once the user clicks the button you will be allowed to send them a Messenger Newsletter, whereas in traditional ads the user would have to click 2 buttons for you to be able to message them.

It can work very well to run targeted campaigns and promote specific products through retargeting or other means. Again, for Flashchat’s payloads email us and we will let you know what you can do with Flashchat!

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