How To Use Chatbots To Automate Your Ecommerce Store's Support

chatbots for ecommerce customer support and live chat

Chatbots can be a real extension of your customer support's team. Most businesses are just starting to dip their feet into the water, but the early results are promising. Although they can't replace your customer support team (and we don't know if they ever will be able to), they can greatly assist it.

They can be the intelligent assistant of your support team, both in social media and on your website through live chat. Their benefits are that they work 24/7 and that they can handle trivial questions through automation, once they are set up efficiently.

A handful of live chat software have bots integrated but their prices are pretty high. Another alternative would be to have your chatbot as a live chat on your website, having it answer trivial questions and escalating the rest to an agent from your customer support team.

As your ecommerce store grows and so do your customer support tickets; introducing a chatbot can greatly reduce the time spent on handling trivial questions. Let's see below some benefits and use cases of chatbots in customer support…

Have Your Chatbot Answer Trivial Questions

Do you see the same questions coming over and over again? Maybe you even have a F.A.Q. page for your visitors…

Now you can combine these 2 into your chatbot. From simply showing your payment options to delivery dates and product ordering. By doing that, you will be able to significantly reduce the support queue and only answer in person those who have significant issues or need troubleshooting.

FAQ flashchat chatbot

This is ideal for both parties, as your employees save time and your customers get answers faster.

Prospect Customers & Assign Them To The Correct Operator

Not only a chatbot can answer common questions, but it can also identify the operator most suitable for handling a person's question.

If you set it up to ask a series of questions to every customer, like: “Is your question about a problematic devise” then “Choose the category your product belongs to”, you can easily understand what this process wants, so you can assign them to the most suitable customer support agent!

You should keep the prospecting questions down to 2-3, in order for the customer to not get bored and let the customer know of their progress and how many questions are left.

Handle Traffic And Support Ticket Spikes

You know that when an infographic of yours goes viral or when you get some great PR, a spike in traffic and sales happens, which also means a spike in support tickets and live chat!

flashchat live chat chatbot

A chatbot can handle these spikes and answer common questions from new users on your live chat, while your customer support team handles more complex queries.

With no automation, in cases like the above, it's not uncommon for an operator to talk to 4 people at once and for visitors to wait many minutes to get someone to talk to.

This is not an ideal user experience and it can be assisted with a chatbot as a gatekeeper to your live chat. Also, your agents will be able to better answer the complex questions as they won't be overwhelmed!

Assist In Special Offers

Are you running a promo or special offer? Many of your old customers and new visitors will jump on the opportunity.

However, most of them will want to ask something before they purchase. So, here comes the chatbot that can answer questions specifically to this offer and reduce the support team's workload.

If you want, you can also take it a step further and integrate it with your offer to give out specific recommendations to your audience!


To summarize, a chatbot can greatly assist your support team and save a lot of productive time from them, while reducing the average time to respond to tickets. It just needs to be optimized and set up properly, something that we do here at Flashchat for our customers.

But, a chatbot can also help you with marketing and sales. If you want to see how a chatbot does that, make sure to read our article on “How To Run Ads To Your Messenger Chatbot And Make The Most Out Of It”.

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