How insane Toy Shop Generated $17,800 in extra sales – Selling collectable Figurines

Unique problems call for unique solutions

If you are someone who spends any time on the internet, or at the local book store, you must be trying really hard to ignore the phenomenon that has taken the pop-culture world by storm.

We are talking of course about Funko Pop’s. Founded back in 1998, with the intent to create nostalgia-themed toys, their collections range from comic-book superheroes to obscure TV cartoons to real life celebrities and everything in between.

And of course, the world loves them. Their massive success spanned dozens of online retailers specializing in their distribution. Yet, regardless of how successful the product is, those retailers face a unique problem:

Having to sell what is essentially the exact same product at pretty much the same price with everyone else.

With that in mind, what separates a successful seller from a not so successful is not the sale per se, but how they handle its complementary activities, meaning audience retargeting and re-engagement.

Those activities, along with great customer support, are what differentiates the retailers in the mind of the consumer and keeps them returning for more.


“Insane Toy Shop” used Flashchat to achieve all of the above.

“Insane Toy Shop” is an online retailer that specializes in the distribution of Funko Pop figures, amongst other toys and collectibles.

Averaging 30k unique monthly visitors, most of whom “window shoppers” they knew that retargeting, along with campaigns for repeated sales for their more loyal audience, would be a huge boost for their revenue.

However since the web is full of such ads, it would be hard for them to differentiate themselves from competitors in such a crowded space.
That’s why they went with personalized Messenger Campaigns – a way to reach their audience when they most expect it, in their personal Facebook Messenger.


“Messenger Pop – Up, easier than asking for an email”

Insane Toy Shop is utilizing Flashchat’s “Messenger Pop-Up” to build their messenger list of potential customers.



They are offering an initial 10% for first-time website visitors to help drive immediate purchases and reduce their sales cycle.

What’s more, all users that opt-in for the initial discount become immediately part
of their active messenger list of users that are eligible to receive all future promotional campaigns.

“Turn Cart Abandoners into Buyers – On Autopilot”

Apart from driving early sales and building their messenger list with the “Messenger Pop-up”, Insane Toy Shop, utilized Flashchat’s abandoned cart recovery mechanism to minimize lost revenue from abandoned checkouts and carts.

Abandoners are targeted with automated, highly personalized messages in their personal Facebook Messenger, prompting them to complete the order.

Those messages include time-limited discounts to further increase conversion.






Numbers Speak Louder than words – $20.000 in extra sales within 6 months.

“Insane Toy Shop” generated their first $1.000 in extra sales, a short week after installing Flashchat.

That $1.000 turned into $10.000 within the first 3 months, and as of the day of writing this, a little under six months since Flashchat’s installation, “Insane Toy Shop” has generated more than $17.000 in extra sales, all from Recovered Abandoned Carts and retargeted shoppers.

The Flashchat fee for those 6 months of service was a little over $240.



Success Story in Numbers

Number of Months Using Flashchat: #6

Number of Automated Messenger Conversations: #2,756

Extra Sales Generated: $17,800

ROI: 74x


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