Le-soin my aroma generated an extra $150 per 1,000 visitors!

Le-soin my aroma with 34k visitors per month, generated an extra $4,275 of sales within 2 months for a total ROI of 12.

Their Story:

Le-soin my aroma, was established back in November of 2003 and deals exclusively with the retail and wholesale of cosmetics, perfumes and hair salon accessories.

In 2011 they established their online store with the goal to provide customers with beauty products at market-breaking prices.
Their main priority is customer satisfaction and low prices while maintaining industry defining top quality products and services.

Their Problem & Solution in their own words:


“Traditional ad remarketing and email campaigns are always a hassle to deal with.

Months of planning and optimizing for minimum returns had us searching for a smarter solution to get customers to return to our online shop.
This was the reason we tried Flashchat.

From day one, Flashchat’s widget on our website captured more users than traditional email pop-ups and as a result, sales started rolling in fast – in fact, we made our first extra sale through Flashchat in under a day, and things only went uphill from there.


For every 1.000 visitors, we recover more than 150$ through abandoned cart recovery messages and automated promotional campaigns.

Now we are sitting at a comfortable 2000$ of extra sales per month.

For a business our size, and for the minimum effort we put into it, we are very happy. I would recommend Flashchat to anyone who wants an auto-pilot way to drastically increase revenue.”

Success Story in Numbers

Number of Months Using Flashchat: #2

Number of Automated Messenger Conversations: #1,678

Extra Sales Generated: $4,278

Sales Increase: 15%

ROI: 12x


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