How To Optimize Your Shopify Thank You Page To Get More Sales

shopify thank you page

The ‘thank you’ page plays a big part in the checkout process. But while most marketers consider it as the end of the sales funnel, a Shopify thank you page actually presents you with an opportunity to get more value out of a customer who has just completed a purchase.

Sadly enough, though, not many online stores take this opportunity.

You will see them run retargeting ads on customers to promote a new range, similar products, and ongoing deals. The idea is to drive them back to the store to make another purchase. But what if you could do this convincing when they were still on your site?

Why should you leverage the Shopify thank you page? 

Not all your store visitors turn into subscribers or customers. But those who do, are clearly showing they trust your brand with their money. They have browsed through your products and genuinely like them. So much so that they have a 60-70% chance of reconverting if nudged at the right time.

It’s simple consumer psychology.

Targeting shoppers when they’re the happiest increases the chances of them interacting with your campaign. That in turn, increases the conversions and sales you drive through this existing customer.

But what’s more, it’s not all that difficult to start using your Shopify thank you page to turn customers into more sales.

How do you optimize the Shopify thank you page for more sales? 

A Shopify thank you page can be used in a number of ways to re-convert the shopper. Apps like ReConvert help you create thank you pages that can help grab the shopper’s attention again and nudge them to make another purchase or share more about themselves before they leave.

Here are a few ways top-grossing stores have optimized their Shopify thank you pages to increase their conversions and sales.

1. Talk to your customers with a video 

As we said before, a shopper who has completed a purchase is more likely to interact with your campaigns. They’re also more likely to talk to you at that moment, share feedback and also check out other deals you’re running.

Now it’s practically impossible to step in and talk to them one-on-one, unlike at the brick and mortar stores.

But you can embed videos on your Shopify thank you page. You can share the details on the shopping process, talk about your subscription plans, upcoming sales or product launches, and more. Make it personal and see more of your shoppers choose to ‘continue shopping’.

shopify thank you page - videos

2. Use a popup to make a time-sensitive offer 

A shopper just completed a purchase – great! What’s next?

Before they decide to leave your store after making the purchase, grab their attention with a popup window. Use this window to nudge these customers towards a step that adds more value to them.

Offer these customers a special, time-sensitive discount that encourages them to make a purchase again – right at that moment. You could also offer a special deal, a sneak peek into an upcoming range or promote a new range of products to increase their discoverability with this popup.

shopify thank you page - popup

3. Upsell on your Shopify thank you page 

Don’t just use the thank you page of your Shopify store to provide shipping details, or simply thank the shopper for making a purchase.

You know what the shopper likes. Their purchase indicates their product preferences and purchase behavior. Use that data to sell more on your thank you page while the customer is still in the mood for shopping!

Display product and collection recommendations that the shopper is more likely to be interested in. Show them discounts and offers that add value to them and see your customer retention skyrocket, leading to higher conversions and more sales per customer with smart upselling.

shopify thank you page upsell

4. Make the next purchase more appealing 

Most online shoppers are price-sensitive. They add a number of products to the cart but end up checking out with only a few – simply because they want the cart total to suit their budget for shopping!

Such customers are similar to the brick and mortar shoppers, who you just can’t seem to nudge to buy an additional t-shirt with the jeans they bought. But when you tell them that on making a purchase worth a defined amount, they get to avail a discount on their next purchase, they’re more interested.

Apply the same logic online. Use your Shopify thank you page to offer the customer a special discount coupon that can be availed in the next purchase. Encourage them to buy again by incentivizing the act and making them feel like they’re winning!

shopify thank you page

5. Connect with your customers on social media 

A typical internet user has their profiles created on at least two social media channels. They use it for both personal and professional purposes, but you can use this behavior to keep customers engaged. But that requires you to connect with them first.

Use your Shopify thank you page to encourage customers to follow you on social media. You could even offer these customers and their friends a discount in exchange for sharing your store, or the purchase they just made on their profile.

Build long-term relationships to drive more sales!

shopify thank you page - social media

6. Get to know more about your customers 

The more the data about your customers, the better are your marketing campaigns. But more importantly, the better are your customer retention campaigns!

Use your Shopify thank you page to get to know your customer. Ask them little details like their birthdate, who they made the purchase for, etc. You can then use this data to run automated marketing campaigns on email and web push to re-engage them and drive them towards making more purchases.

shopify thank you page - birthday

7. Display order tracking information 

Instant customer gratification is a big thing today. The best way to keep your customers engaged is to keep them up-to-date with the order status. It gives them something to look forward to and also speaks of the transparency your brand offers!

You can do this by simply integrating ReConvert with popular tracking apps. This enables you to display the shipment status on your Shopify thank you page easily.

shopify thank you page - tracking

Get more out of your Shopify thank you page 

When you’re spending hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars to drive online shoppers to your store, why settle with just one purchase?

Just like every page on your store, optimize your Shopify thank you page as well. Use the opportunity to gather more data about the customer or nudge them to explore other product ranges. It’s similar to how you would run a retargeting campaign to gather the same information after they’ve left the store!

Let’s just say optimizing your Shopify thank you page optimized your advertising budgets and gets you more sales.

How are you using your Shopify thank you page?

About the author 

Ruth Even Haim is the Co-Founder of StilyoApps, that builds Shopify apps which help brands grow, sell more and connect with their customers. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her posts here

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