New Integration Announcement: Privy

Privy & Flashchat Integration

We are glad to announce our new integration with Privy.

What is Privy, what is the integration all about, and how you can get the most out of it?

You’ll find it all here. Keep reading.


Chapter 1: What is Privy

Chapter 2: What is the Integration all About?

Chapter 3: Take the Most Out of the Integration

Chapter 1: What is Privy?  

Privy is an eCommerce solution for small and large online stores that want to turn their website visitors into Email subscribers and paying customers.

It is a marketing tool that helps you connect with your audience in a meaningful way, by building personalized relationships with them via advanced design and automation.

Privy is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to:

  • Grow your Email list,
  • Reduce your cart abandonment,
  • Recover more carts and increase your sales.

You can achieve that through:

  • Easy-to-use templates,
  • Personalized targeting and triggers,
  • A/B Testing,
  • Special discounts and
  • More.

But, let’s see the options and tools that Privy offers in more detail.

1) On-site Targeting

On-site targeting refers to the capturing of a visitor’s attention, by displaying highly-targeted pop-ups and messages to the right person, at the right time.

You can achieve that using basic and advanced audience targeting rules, along with:

  • Time,
  • Scroll,
  • Tab and,
  • Exit-intent triggers.

Now, you may be wondering:

“Can this be effective?”

Privy helped the eCommerce website Daily High Club collect 270,000 new Emails with a 9% conversion rate.

Tommy Chong-Pop-Up by Privy
Image Source: Privy

Amazing, right?

And, keep in mind that Daily High Club’s CEO did that overnight, with Privy’s simple drag and drop editor.

According to Harrison Baum, Founder, and CEO at Daily High Club:

“The biggest mistake I made in the history of the business was not collecting Emails earlier.”

This is a mistake that many new eCommerce businesses do — partly because they don’t understand the importance of building a list, and partly because of not knowing to perform such marketing tactics.

2) Exit-intent Messages & Pop-ups

This is another powerful feature offered by Privy.

By setting up exit-intent pop-ups, you can send pop-ups that are displayed every time a website visitor abandons your website:

Exit-Intent Window by Privy
Image Source: Privy

Once again, the set-up process is seamless and easy even for “non-techies.”

With an exit-intent pop-up, online store Zutano managed to:

  1. Capture 25% more Emails,
  2. Double their Open Rate.

Above all, Privy helped the Zutano team reduce their cart abandonment with a beautiful pop-up:

Zutano Pop Up Mockup
Image Source: Privy

After testing different cart abandonment strategies, the marketing team at Zutano managed to capture more cart abandoners and generate more sales.

According to Jeremy Mallison, director of digital strategy at Zutano:

“On the surface, it may look like it just does a quick Email capture, but it can really do so much more than that.”

3) Coupons, Spinning Wheels & More

Besides on-site targeting and exit-intent pop-ups, Privy also allows you to offer single or bulk coupons to your website visitors:

Coupon Codes by Privy
Image Source: Privy

As well as display spinning wheels that capture your visitors’ attention and get them to join your subscriber list:

Mountain Crest Gardens Spinning Wheel by Privy
Image Source: Privy

4) Abandoned Cart Emails, Welcome Emails & Follow-up Sequences

This is the last and one of the most important features that Privy offers.

Email marketing is (still) one of the best performing marketing channels.

With Privy — besides growing your list — you can send highly-targeted Emails to your subscribers, prompting them to:

  • Complete their orders,
  • Take actions that are important to you,
  • Regularly check their inbox for your Emails.
HelloBooCo Email Example by Privy
Image Source: Privy

Privy integrates with the biggest website builders and eCommerce platforms:

  • WooCommerce,
  • BigCommerce,
  • Magento,
  • Shopify,
  • WordPress,
  • Squarespace,
  • And more.

Moreover, Privy integrates with the best Email marketing service providers like:

  • Constant Contact,
  • ActiveCampaign,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Klaviyo,
  • And more.

Let’s see what the integration is all about.

Chapter 2: What is the Integration all About?

As you already know, Messenger is a powerful marketing and sales tool.

It allows eCommerce businesses to connect with their customers and grow seamlessly.

The integration helps you get the most out of your triggered and exit-intent pop-ups, by getting people to subscribe to your Messenger List.

Simply put, every time a website visitor subscribes to your Email list through a pop-up, they subscribe to your Messenger List as well.

Facebook Messenger Pop-up by Privy
Image Source: Privy

And, this is important because you have an additional sales channel (Messenger) to communicate your messages, flash sales, special offers or company news.

Here is the process you should follow to start using both Privy and Flashchat together:

1) Download and install Privy and Flashchat to your Shopify store

Note: The process that we are going to present covers only stores that run on Shopify.

First, you need to install Privy and Flashchat to your eCommerce store.

Flashchat Connect your Page

Even though Flashchat offers a free trial and Privy offers a forever-free plan, to use them both you need to subscribe to Privy’s Commerce or Growth Plan:

Commerce and Growth Plans by Privy
Image Source: Shopify App Store

Thus, to use the integration, you need to:

  • Download and install both apps and
  • Subscribe for Privy’s Commerce or Growth plan.

2) Connect your Facebook page to the Flashchat app

After you log in to your Shopify Admin dashboard and you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the Flashchat App, you can choose the Facebook page you want to use the App for.


This step is pretty straightforward but if you find trouble connecting your Facebook page to the Flashchat app, feel free to reach us at support@flashchat.ai.

3) Customize the pop-up text and add the HTML code

At this step, you have to adjust the text based on your preferences and the campaign that you are going to run.

First, you need to click at “Actions” and then “Customize.”

Customize Privy

Then, you need to adjust the text from the Pop-up Editor:

Privy Pop-up Editor
Image Source: Privy UI

After you adjust everything based on your preferences, you need to click on “Add Element:”

Add HTML Code on Privy Pop-up
Image Source: Privy UI

Finally, you have to add the following HTML code:

<div id=”flashchat-privy-checkbox” style=”width: 280px; height: 70px; background: #FFFFFF” customCss=”” campaignId=”my-campaign” campaignCode=”PRIVY10″> </div>

To the Popup Design editor:

Place the Code and Adjust the W and H Parameters
Image Source: Privy UI

Keep in mind that the optimal size of the checkbox element that will be displayed on your pop-up is 280*70px.

Thus, you need to adjust the W and H parameters to match 280px and 70px respectively.

4) Configure Checkbox Parameters

This is the last step, where you need to place the checkbox wherever it feels more appropriate in your pop-up.

Configure Checkbox Parameters
Image Source: Privy UI

The parameters that you can to adjust here are:

  • campaignld: Where you can give a name to your campaign.
  • campaignCode: Where you can adjust the discount amount that will be offered as an incentive to the Messenger users.
  • customCss (optional): Where you can further customize the Messenger checkbox.

The “Send to Messenger” checkbox looks like this:

Send to Messenger

And, you might want to test it a couple of times, before getting it live on your Shopify store:

Pop-up Test
Image Source: Privy UI

Chapter 3: Take the Most Out of the Integration

Messenger is one of the best-performing and unexploited sales channels right now.

Online businesses from all over the world are using it to connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

Traditionally, building an Email subscriber list was one of the best ways to monetize your audience.

Now, you can build an audience on Messenger as well.

The best part?

That the Open Rates and Click-through Rates (CTR) on Messenger are higher.

Here at Flashchat.ai, we believe that less is more.

Also, you always need to respect your visitor’s time and try not to disrupt their online experience

Here are some ways that will allow you to get the most out of the integration:

  • Focus on the quality and not the number that a pop-up window is displayed,
  • Make sure to be consistent with your messaging and brand guidelines,
  • Choose your incentive (i.e., coupon codes, special offers) wisely,
  • Don’t disturb the online experience of your visitors.

If you need any help having the two apps work together, you can always reach us at support@flashchat.ai.

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