eCommerce Copywriting [Tips, Tools + Spreadsheet Download]

eCommerce Copywriting [Tips, Tools + Spreadsheet Download]

Why is eCommerce Copywriting Important? Before we get into details about eCommerce copywriting, it would be useful to understand why copywriting is so important, especially when it comes to eCommerce. Here is why you need good copy for your eCommerce … Continue Reading

WooCommerce Coupons: 6 Powerful Ways to Use Them (Examples Included)

WooCommerce Coupons: 6 Powerful Ways to Use Them (Examples Included)

Can WooCommerce Coupons help you optimize the performance of your online store? According to WooCommerce, there are more than 47,039,779 downloads of the infamous E-commerce platform as of June 2018. In addition, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. … Continue Reading

The Three Pillars of Messenger Commerce

The 3 Pillars of Messenger Commerce

Messenger Commerce is one of the most up-and-coming marketing channels. Back in 2014, in a public Q&A session Mark Zuckerberg said that: “Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.” Almost 4 years later, … Continue Reading

Facebook F8 2018

Facebook F8 2018: As Good as it Gets

Facebook F8 is the annual developer conference held by Facebook, intended for companies and developers who build products and services around the infamous social network. No one can deny that despite all the difficulties within this continuously evolving environment, Facebook … Continue Reading

How to Drive 10x Return from Facebook Messenger

When leveraged properly, Facebook Messenger can bring exponential returns for your company, regardless of your size or industry. Let’s explore how an established global online retailer, Brands 4 All, drove the following 10x ROI from Messenger (and more) in just … Continue Reading

The Future of Ecommerce: Messenger Commerce

From direct mail to social media marketing, from from in-store sales to online reach … the world of commerce is being shaped and changed by digital, year-over-year. And with global retail ecommerce sales estimated to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021 … Continue Reading

4 Ecommerce Best Practices for Your SMB

Managing a store is hard. And managing an ecommerce store can be even harder, if you seeing the reach and engagement that all e-shop owners and ecommerce managers strive for. Whether you’ve just launched your business or are an ecommerce … Continue Reading

Flashchat update turbocharge ecommerce messenger chatbot

Flashchat Update: Turbocharging Ecommerce Stores With Our Chatbot

We have been writing about topics on chatbots, Messenger and best practices on our blog for some months now, but we haven’t given our readers an update on how our product has evolved and it news features. So, we decided … Continue Reading