Why And How To Use A BFCM Pre-Launch Page To Get More Sales

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The BFCM madness is about to begin. With Shopify reporting that merchants saw over $1.5 billion in sales during the period in 2018, it’s only obvious. But while some stores saw their traffic hit a peak and generated more sales and revenue during the period, others struggled to get their discounts even noticed in all the noise. That’s where a BFCM sale pre-launch page comes into play!

What is a pre-launch page? 

Similar to a ‘coming soon’ page, a BFCM pre-launch page basically lets you notify shoppers of an upcoming sale on your Shopify store. It lets you build interest around the discounts and deals you would be offering, even before the sale begins, giving you a chance to build an audience that does convert when the sale is live.

But when the BFCM sale is just a few weeks away, why do you even need a pre-launch page for it?

Why is a BFCM pre-launch page important? 

What is the one thing that makes the launch of every Apple product a success? Their pre-launch marketing campaigns. They share sneak peeks around their products, creating hype around them, along with the deals they would be getting launched at. Apple also takes this opportunity to secure some of their sales by opening its pre-bookings during this period.

The same consumer psychology works for the BFCM sale.

Here’s why a BFCM pre-launch page is important today:

  • It gives you a headstart against competing stores in the same industry. This ensures that even if you have a low advertising budget, your discounts and offers get discovered in the right market.
  • It gets you early feedback on your BFCM sale from the discount shoppers. This feedback could be around the products you’re offering, the deals you’ve included or the maximum discount being offered. It’s a way to know what customers are expecting from you.
  • It lets you build an audience beforehand, ensuring that a said number of shoppers will definitely visit your store during BFCM. If you open your store to pre-bookings/ pre-orders, you can also secure sales beforehand.

But just like your store’s product pages, a BFCM pre-launch page needs to be optimized for conversions.

How to optimize your BFCM pre-launch page for more conversions 

1. Match the BFCM vibe with Shopify design customizations

BFCM sales are big and online shoppers are excited about it beyond measure. That’s why you need to join in the excitement by adding a little BFCM vibe to your Shopify store with little design elements.

Be it the banner images you include on the home page, the email popup design, the social media posts or your email newsletter, follow through a theme that also suits your brand. If you have too much to do at hand, you can work with Shopify design experts to get these little design customizations done.

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2. Ensure easy navigation through products 

BFCM shoppers are hungry for discounts. But you need to make it easy for them to find those discounts too. If you’re using your pre-launch page to help them discover products in your store, you need to ensure the navigation is easy.

Right from including two call-to-actions on your BFCM promotion banners to making it easy for them to apply coupons, it’s important to look into every little detail. While most Shopify themes already make this easy, a Shopify development expert can help you further customize this navigation.

3. Add content that grabs attention instantly

The one thing that will make visitors to your pre-launch page convert is the copy on it. You need to use words that make shoppers feel that your BFCM deals are time-sensitive and the best. Using words that create FOMO and exclusivity will nudge an interaction from the visitor.

Even simple phrases like ‘fast-selling products’ and ‘till stocks last’ can get visitors to subscribe for updates or even pre-order products. Remember to use such a copy on your promotional banners.

4. Include a countdown timer for the BFCM sale launch

The one thing that makes an online shopper convert is the fear of missing out. That’s why your pre-launch page should definitely have a countdown timer. The countdown timer basically lets the shopper know how many days or how much time is remaining for the sale to go live. Alternatively, you can use this timer to let them know when the discounts are going to end.

The countdown timer further adds to the hype created around your BFCM sale, making your pre-launch page convert more.

countdown timer

5. Let shoppers subscribe to Messenger updates

A lot of shoppers will not be comfortable sharing their contact details with your store. Considering the number of stores offering BFCM discounts, it’s only obvious to feel skeptical about being bombarded with newsletters. That’s why giving them the option to receive updates on the Messenger is a good idea.

You can do this easily with Shopify apps like Flashchat. Using the app, you can also automate sequences to keep interested shoppers engaged or even cart recovery for that matter.

6. Add an option for shoppers to create BFCM wishlists 

Most online shoppers prepare a list of products they want to purchase during BFCM, beforehand. This prevents them from getting distracted by multiple offers and makes sure they’re bagging the products they intended to.

Use this consumer behavior on your pre-launch page to know more about your shoppers. Let them create wishlists for BFCM. Once the sale is live, use retargeting ads to reach out to these shoppers, showing them the products they have wishlisted.

7. Let shoppers pre-order products (if applicable) 

Want to secure a few sales even before the BFCM discounts go live? Let visitors pre-order the products that will be going up on sale. Since most other stores wouldn’t have begun to promote their discounts yet, the shopper will feel it’s the best price they’re getting.

You could also mark certain products at an early bird pricing, where you have a greater profit margin as compared to when it goes up on BFCM sale.

bfcm preorder

8. Include social sharing buttons on the page 

The idea of the BFCM sale pre-launch page is to spread the word. So while you’re running campaigns to drive traffic to it, also make sure you’re able to tap into some word-of-mouth promotions to get the word around.

Include social sharing buttons on your pre-launch page, making it easier for visitors to tell their friends about the sale. To increase the participation in social sharing, you could also incentivize the act of sharing – maybe give them an early bird discount additionally.

social sharing bfcm

9. List down your shipping options

BFCM is the one time that consumers get to purchase the products they have been wanting for a while. But what also makes or breaks their decision to purchase from you, are the shipping options you offer.

About 80% of consumers are motivated by free shipping. And then there are 54% who would make a purchase simply because the store offers fast shipping. Who wouldn’t want their order delivered soon, right?

So if you’re offering any of the above, make sure you’re listing it down on your BFCM sale pre-launch page.

10. Share the payment modes offered 

Just like shipping, payment is another thing that can make or break your sale. Simply put, it is a wise idea to look into your customer data to identify which payment mode has been chosen the most on normal days.

Make sure you list out all the payment modes acceptable on your store – even if it is below the fold. The idea is to let hesitant shoppers know it’s easy to make a purchase from you during BFCM.

Getting more sales from your BFCM pre-launch page 

A pre-launch page does more than you think. It gets you ahead of the competition, ensuring your deals and discounts get discovered. But more importantly, it helps you see how your target customers interact with them – giving you the chance to optimize your sale with concrete data and actual customer feedback.

Do you have your BFCM pre-launch page ready yet?

About the author

Vanhishikha Bhargava is the Head of Content and Partnerships at XgenTech, Shopify design, and development experts and RevTap, a Shopify analytics app. She can always be found looking for the latest hacks to help online stores increase sales. You can follow her on Twitter for more. 

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